Become the #1 Weight Loss Authority in Your Town with the BEST Transformation System in the World... All While Getting Your First 50 Clients Easily in the Next 30 Days

Dear Trainer,

There are thousands of people in your community right now who are in desperate need of your help.

They are miserable, lonely and on the verge of losing everything.

You are their last hope. If you don’t help them… they will give up and live this way for the rest of their lives.

Nobody else in your community can help. It’s not that they don’t care, but it’s just that no one else has the right tools and resources to make a difference.

Sue, Maria, Jenny, and Kate, all women who live in your neighborhood, can’t play with their kids because she is overweight, always tired, and can’t stay on her feet for more than a few minutes without being overwhelmed by the pain in her knees and low back.

John, Mark, Gary, and Paul, all respected men in the community, are facing harsh fact of having to retire early because of health concerns and fitness and nutrition program he’s tried has failed him.

These are people in your own backyard in desperate need of your help. Are you ready to answer the call?

It’s NOT their fault they are hurting. They’ve sacrificed their lives for their family and in the name of the American Dream. They’ve worked long hours to get ahead and are also victims of big food corporation marketing schemes. They need YOU to save them.

You can relate. You were once in their shoes. You know what it’s like to be unhappy with your body. You know the exact pain they are going through right now.

But through your own transformation you now have the expertise and enthusiasm to care for others and help them change their life and overcome the obstacles in their way. You can be the HERO in your hometown by giving them back control over their health.

If you’re the type of leader that cares for others and wants to help end their frustrations, you must read this important article. It’s EXACTLY what you’ve been looking for…

You’re about to discover how you can turn your passion for helping others into a side income as the weight loss authority in your town.

In fact, that’s exactly what happened to these three ladies below. Take a look at how they took their passion of helping others and turned it into a prosperous and fulfilling life…

Katie O’Dwyer

“From the Cedar Rapids Gazette…a TT Trainer Success Story!”

After becoming a single mom of three, Katie O’Dwyer decided it was time to do something different and change people’s lives. Like you, Katie knew she had a passion and desire to help others live a better life. She didn’t want to work a corporate job putting in 50 hours per week and missing out on her three kids growing up right in front of her.

“I weighed the pros and cons of working for myself versus working for someone else,” she said. “I wanted to be able to determine my own schedule and have flexibility.”

Because she always had been interested in health and fitness, O’Dwyer decided to pursue certification as a personal trainer. Katie spent weeks and weeks searching for the right training certification, and stumbled up a certification that would change her life forever. Katie became Turbulence Training Transformation Certified, a program that is based on short exercise sessions that combine strength and interval training as well as nutritional guidance. She didn’t want to sit back and wait for the “perfect” opportunity to put her certification to use. She wanted to start changing lives immediately.

After receiving her certification, O’Dwyer held Turbulence Training Transformation classes for small groups at a church. Over time, she started gaining a lot of notoriety in her community and quickly became one of the most sought after weight loss leaders in her community. Katie is now helping hundreds of people in community live healthier lifestyles, and she’s helped save dozens of lives and marriages by taking her passion of health and fitness and sharing it with others in her area.

“I love challenges,” O’Dwyer said. “This business is pushing me to constantly grow and learn. Anyone who is thinking about starting their own business should seek out mentors in the same field to help them gain insight.”

As you can imagine with 3 kids, Katie lives a very busy lifestyle. But by applying the done for you programs and marketing put forth by Turbulence Training Transformation, she’s able to have a prosperous and fulfilling career without working giving up her precious family time.


Ali Fox

"Woman transforms from Lawyer to Fox with TT"

Ali Fox is proof that it’s NEVER too late to change career paths. In just two years Ali Fox has transformed hundreds of lives…all while being a full time lawyer and mom of two young girls. She’d spent the last 10 years climbing the corporate ladder, earning success, prestige and respect. But despite all that, something was missing in her life. While she had job security and a high paying job, she was missing passion, purpose and happiness in her life.

Two years ago she launched Ali Fox Transformations as a side business. With limited time (as you can imagine) she was still able to grow from 5 to 75 clients. Turbulence Training Transformation has inspired her to create Ali Fox Activewear built on the philosophy of creating confidence and a network of support and encouragement for active women. Ali is living proof that when you take action and follow your passion that anything is possible. She’s following her dreams and has become the Fitness Hero in her community. The sky is the limit for this lawyer turned Fox and TT Rockstar.

You will never experience richness in your life until you are following your dreams and passion, which is exactly what Ali is doing right now.

How a Stressed-Out and Busy Mother Lost 14 Pounds and Opened a Thriving, Profitable Studio from Ground Zero

Only a few years ago Catherine Gordon was an overworked, stressed out mom towing her kids around town. One day she and her son walked into a busy grocery store. As they were checking out, the cashier uttered this life changing line:

“Ma’am, do you qualify for our senior’s discount?”

Horrified and deeply embarrassed, she shook her head, fighting back the tears of frustration and shame.

She was only 45 years old.

That day she decided to change. She went online. She stumbled across my Turbulence Training Transformation Contest.

“I was starting to lose hope but then I saw a picture of Emily Johnson, the winner of Craig’s first Turbulence Training Transformation Contest,” Catherine said. “Something about her before and after pictures made me believe that if she could do it, I could get a great body too.”

Emily Johnson
Winner of 1st Transformation Contest

Catherine Gordon
Winner of the 2nd Transformation Contest

And the rest is history.

“When I entered the contest I weighed 147 pounds,” Catherine said. “Twelve weeks later I had lost 14 pounds of fat, gained muscle, and lost over 6 inches off of my waist, and 3 inches off of each thigh just. Due to the amazing changes in my figure, I won the contest, and my life was transformed.”

Catherine set herself up for success. She transformed inside and out. Friends and neighbors said she looked 14 years younger, and Catherine had regained her confidence and zest for life, while eliminating stress and shedding her excess weight. Catherine even ended up being featured on ABC news about extraordinary physical transformations.

And like many heroes, Catherine realized that she was meant to be a beacon for others, people who are lost, who are struggling, and who feel like they are alone against impossible odds.

Catherine wanted to inspire women to change their lives just like Emily Johnson had inspired her. She wanted to help men and women that battled sugar addictions, negative environments, and stubborn body weight. She wanted to show people how they could quickly and easily transform their lives once they had my 5 Pillars of Transformation to support them.

How the TT Certification Changed Everything

Within months Catherine passed her beginner’s personal trainer certification. She started teaching Zumba and dabbled in a few other types of training like yoga, pilates, and aerobics classes, all those mainstream but often ineffective approaches that are recommended for weight loss. But she was disappointed and depressed by the results her clients achieved – or more accurately, failed to achieve.

Catherine realized she needed better systems and done-for-you workout solutions to give her clients, as well as proven techniques for attracting more women into her small but growing part-time personal training business.

That’s when she returned to me and my newly released Turbulence Training Certification program.

She knew that in order for her clients to get the same results as she did…they’d have to train the same way she did.

That was an even bigger breakthrough than winning the Transformation Contest. Suddenly Catherine had all the tools she needed. Everything about the TT Certification was better. It gave her a huge advantage in terms of client results and in her ability to attract new members to her business. It gave her everything that she needed to stand apart from all other certifications and programs in her town.

From there she built the confidence to go out on her own, setting up a studio in the small town of Sonora, California. That’s where women now flock to work with Catherine, and where she encourages them to join my Transformation Contests just like she had a few years before. One of her clients, Melinda, won a contest and the $1000 prize. Another, Sandra, came in 3rd.

Catherine getting my TT Trainer of the Year Award

“My clients’ success helped my business grow,” Catherine said, “Soon word of mouth was spreading, and the local paper featured me and my studio.”

The TT Certification was the final step in the journey of Catherine’s body and life transformation. By the time she attended the 3rd Turbulence Training Summit in June of 2013 (a gathering of TT Certified Trainers from all over the world), her little studio had grown to more than 150 clients.

She was rewarded for her success. At the 3rd TT Summit, Catherine Gordon stepped on-stage in the same year as she celebrated her 50th birthday and won the TT Trainer of the Year award.

Because of her success, Catherine has a message for you. “I have a passion for fitness, and I’m sure you do too. What could be more gratifying than to see people get fit and have a new zest for life, in spite of the temptations of the modern world? Be the bright spot in a world that sometimes wants to give up on healthy living, by proving what the best training and fitness programs can do.”

Catherine became a Fitness Hero in her hometown and among the hundreds of Certified Turbulence Trainers assembled at the TT Summit.


Become Your Hometown Hero

Catherine’s story of success can be your story of success.

As you can see from Katie, Ali and Catherine – they all started out with a passion and desire to help others. Just like you.

While their paths were quite different, they all had one common denominator in their transformations…

The World’s Only Transformation Training (TT) Certification is NOW Available for You

The Transformation Training Certification was created by Craig Ballantyne, CTT, one of the world’s leading weight loss experts and fitness guru. You’ve read his articles and used his workouts in Women’s Health, Prevention, Oxygen, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, and dozens of other magazines. His unconventional but effective short, burst, workouts have been used by millions of people around the world to finally lose weight and get back in shape fast – all without the dishonor of doing slow, boring cardio or hundreds of ab crunches or sit-ups. Your TT Certification is based on cutting-edge scientific information delivered in an easy-to-apply manner. Within each program is an effective blend of knowledge, theory, skill and practical application. This certification is for anyone who is looking to gain a competitive edge on their competition. It’s simply the best of the best.

In the competitive world of health and fitness, you need to stand apart from the crowd.

Being average isn’t going to cut it if you want to be like Katie, Ali & Catherine and transform thousands of lives and make a difference in the world.

Instead, you need to become THE weight loss authority in your town.

Being the top authority brings more referrals, consistent and loyal clients, higher prices, and countless opportunities knocking at your doorstep.

But how do you get there? How do you get to that point where you are the recognized fat loss leader in your community?

By ignoring what all the other trainers in your area are doing…because they haven’t figured out yet what you are about to discover.

When it comes to getting results, you need to go to someone who combines both real-world experiences and the latest in scientific-based workout programs.

For fat loss, that’s Craig Ballantyne. He lives and breathes the science of fat loss so you don’t have to. That's why he’s created the Fat Loss TT Transformation Certification—to spread the science of fat loss to trainers all over the world…

The Turbulence Training Transformation Certification Program is not like other generic certification programs. In fact, it’s different for three major reasons.

What Separates the TT Transformation Certification from all others?

  1. The Turbulence Training Transformation Certification is based on teaching fat loss workout program design. You can have the greatest health and fitness knowledge in the world, but if you can’t properly put a program together, you’ll never be a leader in your community. You will discover the 4 hot spots of the body that you must work in every workout in order to help your clients achieve maximum results. You will get a step by step template on how to put together the perfect fat loss workouts.
  2. The second component that makes it much different from generic certifications is that the Turbulence Training Transformation Certification is based on bringing trainers the latest in fat loss science. Craig Ballantyne is researching every month, reviewing research studies, testing different methods, and talking to the top fitness experts in the field. This will allow you to practice what is working right NOW, not something that has been in a textbook for over three years.
  3. The third and most important aspect of the Turbulence Training Transformation Certification that sets it apart from all other certifications is our 10 Million Transformation Mission. Our 10 Million Transformation Mission is to help 10 million busy men and women transform their lives by the year 2020. Whenever you become something bigger than yourself, like our 10 million mission, it brings everyone together for a greater cause. It’s the only certification program with a transformation mission. With our mission of 10 million transformations, we have to come together and create programs that will help people lose fat, get healthy and dramatically improve their lives.

Get the Blueprint to Becoming Your Hometown Hero in Just ONE Weekend

Being a hometown hero, you'll live a life of purpose. It means being THE fitness celebrity in your hometown and having an impact on hundreds (and even thousands) of people’s lives. It means being the go-to expert in your area, being featured on the local news, speaking at local events and having your voice heard. And that also means an easier time getting clients.

There’s no better feeling than helping others live a more fulfilling life.

But where do you start?

There’s so much information out there. Many people never take that first step to turning their passion into a career because they just don’t know how to begin.

There are probably dozens of gyms and hundreds of trainers in your area. How are you going to stand out and be able to get personal training clients? How are you going to avoid getting lost in the crowd? How will you be able to turn your passion into profit as a part-time or full-time trainer that is living the dream like Ali, Catherine, Shawna, Daniel and Brian?

Get Everything You Need to Super-Charge Your 6-Figure Income While Helping More People Starting August 29th, at the CTT Level 1 in Mt Pleasant, SC

Have you ever taken an online certification? How did you feel?

Did you feel kind of cheated? Like you really didn’t get the value out of it you were expecting?

Taking certifications online are good. But taking a Live Certification where you have direct access to the instructor and other attendees is more powerful than you can ever imagine.

You simply can’t get hands on training from an online course. That’s why Turbulence Training has decided to start offering Live Certifications. We understand the power of being surrounded by others who share similar passions and action taker attitudes – and we want you to be able to get the most out of this certification.

We also realize that if you want to become your hometown hero, you need exclusive hands on training that you won’t experience through the computer.

The trainers that succeed understand the power of knowledge.

They recognize the importance of making connections and learning from the best trainers in the world.

New CTT’s posing after taking their TT Live Level 1 Certification out in San Diego

And that is what the TT Transformation Certification is all about. It’s a life changing certification that will skyrocket your future to levels you never thought were possible.

The TT Transformation Certification is for NON TRAINERS who are passionate about health, just looking to learn more about the fitness industry. It’s for BEGINNERS who are brand new to the fitness industry who are looking to start their own bootcamp or fitness business in the future, and it’s also for EXPERIENCED TRAINERS looking to gain a competitive edge on their competition.

Perhaps you’ve been told by other local trainers in your area to join a Big Box Gym and start gaining some experience before trying to go out on your own and transform lives.

Or maybe you are already working in a Big Box Gym doing personal training part-time trying to find a path to start your own training business.

That’s exactly where Nestor Flores started out just a couple short years ago. His story below will make you think TWICE about joining a Big Box Gym.

Breaking Out of the Big Box Gym Prison

Nestor has come a long way since the summer of 2013. Back just two short years ago, Nestor was not happy with his career. Much like you, Nestor had a passion for fitness and helping others. So like most people, he decided to join a big box gym and started doing some personal training.

While he was gaining some experience, Nestor was miserable. He was making NO money. And was not reaching the amount of people he had envisioned.

Nestor knew something needed to change but didn’t know the best way to get there.

Then Nestor made the most important decision of his life. He decided to become TT Transformation Certified in early 2014. It was a scary decision for Nestor, as he was definitely stepping out of his comfort zone. But within months, Nestor was starting to gain some experience by training friends and family outdoors.

In the summer of 2014, Nestor’s life changed after attending the 2014 TT Summit. Nestor was awarded the 2014 TT Rookie Trainer of the Year for his hard work and dedication. That recognition alone provided him with the confidence needed to make it in this extremely competitive field.

Shortly after, Nestor opened up a small 260 square foot studio in Fresno California. Yes, 260 square feet! With the help of Craig Ballantyne and following the TT Transformation Certification, Nestor quickly grew his gym from just a couple clients to over 50!

At the recent 2015 TT Summit, Nestor was awarded the 2015 TT Trainer of The Year, putting him in the class one of the top trainers in the world.

Nestor turned his passion for fitness into a profitable business, and has become a leading authority in his community. Did he go through some major struggles? Of course he did. But because of the TT Transformation Certification, Nestor was able to overcome all the obstacles and is living proof of the TT motto:

“Never Ever Give Up”

Nestor now is moving into a 2,500 square ft. state of the art facility. The most amazing part is all of this has happened in just 1 year.

That’s the power of Turbulence Training Transformation.

Nestor is certainly not alone. Check out other amazing transformation stories:

“My life since becoming a Certified Turbulence Transformation Trainer has been an amazing adventure. Not only have I had my own incredible transformation, but now I’m helping others have their own as well. I enjoy being part of the family. Yes, I said family. I enjoy connecting with Craig and some of the other TT trainers on the site. It has been an invaluable experience to ask questions and get answers to my questions. It doesn’t matter the subject, everyone is here to help you. They will encourage you daily to keep pushing and Never Ever Give Up. Getting Certified was a springboard into opening my own bootcamp. I owned a fitness business and had been training out of a big box gym for a while. But after I got TT Certified, I set out to start my own business. I found a location with the help and advice from everyone in the TT family. My business is now doing great. I am blown away at the support I get from everyone. Now don’t get me wrong…it wasn’t easy and required a lot of work. But they helped me get out of my comfort zone and live my life of passion. Being a CTT rocks!”

Shawn Stevens, CTT

“I can never say enough about the impact Turbulence Training has had on my life. I can firmly say that without finding TT I likely wouldn’t be a trainer today. I went from doing a 9-5 job I hated to now running my own bootcamp with over 150 members in less than a year! I can most definitely say that TT has helped me push my boundaries not only as a trainer but as a business owner. Turbulence Training not only encourages continual study in the fundamentals of training but also supplies tips for acquiring clients and keeping fitness business healthy enough to keep their doors open and make a bigger impact. But maybe the best thing about TT is the community. I have met some amazingly generous people who helped me, inspired me and pushed me to be a better trainer and better person. I am forever indebted to Craig and community he has created. Thank you!”

Brent Neeval, CTT

“Becoming TT certified has changed my life. I know it sounds so cliché, but there’s no other way to put it. Since becoming getting certified almost 2 years ago, I’ve opened up a very successful FBBC with Craig, and now we are opening up our second location very soon. We are already making a profit each month, and we’ve been opened for less than 4 months! I love that the certification is ongoing and provides me with value each and every month. I always have workouts, contacts, and support from the entire Turbulence Training team. I promise it will be the best decision you’ve ever made. Just do it!”

Brittney Woodrum, CTT

“I’ve know Craig Ballantyne for 8 years now and over that time I’ve gone from an average commercial gym trainer to one of the most sought after trainers in my city. Craig’s advice and expertise has helped me attract “my kind” of clients and has allowed me enough flow into my business to get rid of clients that used to drain me of my energy and didn’t value my time. Now I confidently charge what I’m worth and have people happily paying me for my expertise and passion for getting them results. With the TT Certification I’ve been able to leverage my fitness and fat loss expertise and created thriving fitness business that allows me multiple streams of revenue and gives me the ability to support my wife and 5 kids!”

Chris Lopez, Master CTT

“From training friends for free, to a fully booked, “By Referral Only,” TT studio. I became a Certified Turbulence Trainer in 2012 because I wanted to pass on the only training system that had ever worked for me. TT helped me overcome decades of overweight and obesity, and my certification prepared me to go out and get results for my clients at Gordon Studio. That September, I took one of the biggest risks of my life, and started offering TT classes at Gordon Studio in a small town in the California foothills. Today, I have coached 46 clients through successful, fully documented transformations, and I have only been offering TT classes exclusively since August of 2014. Gordon Studio clients have made the finals of the Turbulence Training Transformation Contests 20 times with 3 overall champions, 3 second place winners, and 4 third place wins to our credit. My favorite number has to be inches lost, as we just achieved 1000 inches in March. I was able to raise our monthly rate by over 30% last Fall, and my classes are so full that I take new students by referral only, and I haven’t had to advertise since the Summer of 2013. I simply give out “Transformation Champion” T-shirts to my students, and they do the rest. Now, whenever I meet new people in town they ask, “Are you Gordon Studio?” It makes me so proud to answer, “Yes, I am.” Turbulence Training is the secret to our success.”

Catherine Gordon - TT Trainer of the Year 2013

What you can expect on August 29th at this CTT Level 1 Live Certification:

  • The scientific principles of weight loss from the guru that inspired the NO-cardio approach to health and fitness
  • How to use unique NO-equipment exercises to design a guaranteed weight loss for your clients that can be done anywhere at no cost to you
  • A complete workout blueprint for clients of every fitness level.
  • The perfect exercise technique so that your clients get fast results in a safe manner (no matter what their age or experience level)
  • A massive library of fun, fast, and effective bodyweight and dumbbell exercises – that you’ll do in your legendary “TT Certification Graduation Workout”
  • A comprehensive CTT Level I Training Manual that you’ll refer to over and over again as you work with your clients for maximum results
  • Your very own CTT Certified Instructor T-shirt

To view the complete CTT Level I agenda, you can visit here.

Certified TT Trainers (use science-based, proven, fun & effective, intense workouts that deliver maximum results in minimum time while focusing on perfect exercise form and safety. This certification is the cutting edge of fat loss science and the only certification that delivers groundbreaking research to YOU every month.

In order to maintain your expertise and CTT Level I designation, you must be continually learning. That’s why all CTT’s invest just $19/month for the continuing education you need to get more clients and give them more results (your first 30 days of continuing education are free). In return for this small investment, you will receive the following cutting edge information each month:

  • A valuable business building lesson from The Godfather of Fitness, Craig Ballantyne.
  • Done-for-You fat burning workouts from four of the top Master-level CTT’s.
  • Craig Ballantyne’s secret print-and-use training program of the month.
  • The latest research on NEW training methods and diet secrets.
  • Nutrition tips and recipes from Daniel Woodrum, the Director of CTT, and professional chef, Gui Alinat.
  • Plus, you’ll get instant access to over 135 done-for-you workouts, including programs specific for fat loss, muscle building, circuit training, mud runs, glutes, bootcamps, and more. This is as done-for-you as it gets.

But there’s still one more BIG reason why you’ll want to be here...


If you reserve your spot TODAY – you’ll be exclusively in our VIP Member Club. What does this mean? It means you’re one of our first 150 CTT’s and will get special access and inside information that others will not get. It also means that you’ll have more opportunities to work with Craig Ballantyne and our entire Turbulence Training Team. But that’s not all. As a CTT VIP Member, you’ll also get these exclusive gifts below:

  • Personal Trainer Start-Up Guide [Done for you Blueprint on how to start your personal training business in less than 90 days]
  • Access to our Exclusive Private Facebook Group [Imagine having direct access and communication with other CTT’s who have been in your shoes and are now living their dreams]
  • TT Employment Opportunities [Have the opportunity to work for Craig and Turbulence Training and help build the TT Empire. Derek Wahler and Daniel Woodrum just recently joined the TT team and you could too!]
  • Access to our new Metabolic Kick Starter Follow-Along Videos
  • Access to the new Yoga-for-Pain Relief video program from Missi Holt
  • A copy of Craig’s brand new hardcopy book, The Perfect Day Formula, when it is released in September.


The Turbulence Training Certification is not for everyone. Meatheads, fly-by-night trainers, struggling actors moonlighting as trainers, and guys looking to date their clients need NOT apply. This is NOT for you.

But if you are serious about creating a nice income and helping the world as a professional fitness trainer, then you won’t find another certification that comes even close to the CTT program. Get TT Certified Saturday August 29th in Mt Pleasant, SC and join the life-changing TT 10 Million Transformation Mission.

To reserve your spot, Click HERE

Now you might be saying, “I don’t have thousands of dollars or 40 hours per week to spend building a fitness business. I have a busy career, a family to take care of, and friends who I enjoy seeing each week.”

That’s exactly where Catherine, Ali, Katie and so many other CTT’s were just a couple short years ago. They were busy parents who didn’t have money lying around…didn’t have training experience…didn’t have anywhere to even train clients.

But they had a dream. A dream to help others. A dream to be able to live their passion. A dream to attain financial freedom so they could spend more time with family. And now they are living those dreams thanks to the CTT program.

There are so many amazing benefits to being a Certified Turbulence Transformation Trainer. But here are the TOP 3 reasons to reserve your spot right now:

  1. Your workouts will be even better than ever. You’ll have more unique exercises and metabolic-boosting methods to WOW your clients and distance yourself from the competition.
  2. You’ll no longer need to beg for clients, referrals or testimonials, and you’ll be able to spend more time with each client and give them more attention and value.
  3. Plus, if you share the same goal as Catherine, Ali, Daniel, Katie, Brittney, Nestor and so many others, that is, to help as many people as you possibly can, then there will NEVER be a better opportunity for you to get up-close and personal access to our experiences.

Close your eyes for a moment…

It’s 6 months from now, and you have over 15 clients who are paying you premium prices for your services. Each day you are waking up living your dream. You are helping people lose weight and changing their lives.

You are already becoming the leading authority in your community. You are getting phone calls out of the blue from new clients each week thanks to the positive word-of-mouth about your services in the community.

It’s only been 6 months, and you are already on track to financial freedom. You are the fitness hero in your hometown.

This could be your story. It’s happened to dozens of Certified Turbulence Trainers over the past couple of years. And now it’s your turn to write your own success story.

Reserve Your Spot Here and turn your passion into a profitable and booming business.


“In 2014 I ended 19 years of staying home fulltime and wondered what was next for me. I was 42 years old and feeling a little lost. Enter Turbulence Training. I had always been interested in fitness, but had frankly put myself on the back burner for many years. It was time to reclaim my health. I fell in love with the workouts. They were exactly what I needed; short, effective and even fun. I was hooked. About 6 months into the workouts I decided to take the leap and become a personal trainer.(I had always dreamed of being a group exercise teacher when I was a cardio queen!) I knew TT was my end goal, but wasn’t sure I’d make it. I thought I’d become a trainer and then do the TT certification online. I had spent more than a year on the TT forums reading and getting to know folks. When the TT Summit rolled around in June I couldn’t help myself! Despite it coming right at the time that our family was prepping for a cross country move, I bit the bullet and signed up to not only attend the Summit, but also get TT certified. I was nervous that I wouldn’t fit in. I could not have been more wrong. The family atmosphere at the Turbulence Training Transformation was amazing. I had fitness professionals that I admire, offering to help ME in any way possible. The biggest take away from the summit for me is that I DO have something to offer and I can do it! My favorite part was getting to know the other trainees in the certification class and the in between time interactions. These are normal people doing extraordinary things in the world. I was inspired. I have no doubt that I can succeed with the TT folks in my corner. I would not miss next year’s summit for the world!”

Leslie Millican, Happy Customer and CTT!

“Before becoming TT Certified and hooking up with Craig, I was training 10 hours per day in a big box gym. My clients were inconsistent and I barely had any money to cover my bills. I took a risk and flew out to the TT Summit in 2011…and it was hands down one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s given me a whole new way of approaching my clients. The workout tips are cutting edge and the business tips are always 10 steps ahead of all the competition around me. It’s always a running joke around my gym, because every time I implement a new marketing strategy, 3 months later someone around me is trying to do the same thing. Ha! Talk about leading the pack! Literally none of this would have happened if it wasn’t for the TT Transformation Certification and Craig Ballantyne.”

Brian Kalakay, Master CTT

“Craig and Bedros totally rock! Before I met these guys, I was working 45 hours per week training clients, trading hours for dollars and getting quickly burnt out. After becoming TT Transformation Certified and implementing the strategies and support, I now have a diversified fitness business with multiple revenue streams. The biggest thing the TT Certification helped me with was consistently getting new clients into my bootcamp. I even got 10 new people into my bootcamp in just one afternoon by using a killer strategy they shared with me. Before becoming TT Transformation Certified I used to just try any random thing and hope for the best. But now I’ve never felt so confident that I’ll succeed. The best part is I have more time now to do things I love. ”

Kate Vidulich, Master CTT

“When I first got TT Transformation Certified, I was really struggling to take me bootcamp to the next level. I was doing “okay” financially, but not where I wanted to be. I knew that I needed to focus on building my bootcamps, but I had to heavily rely on my personal training income to pay the bills. I wanted to learn how to leverage my time, learn how to get better at sales and marketing, and get my clients the best results possible in the shortest amount of time. Fast forward to today, and I am a part owner of Fit Body Boot Camp right outside of Toronto with Craig Ballantyne himself! Beyond all the information you get with the TT Transformation Certification, it’s a great way to meet and network with other successful business professionals. It’s literally a breeding ground for success.”

Ray Ortiz, CTT

“Getting TT Transformation Certified was a life changing experience to say the least. Never in my life have I seen so many like-minded individuals with the same common goal of helping others. Walking away from the TT Transformation Certification, I had a clear and concise plan on how I was going to crush my competition and really boost my business. I learned online and offline strategies that nobody is using and was able to implement them immediately. As a result from taking action on what I learned, I was able to triple my income in just 6 months. The information, atmosphere and people you meet with the TT Certification can’t be matched. I’m looking forward to continuing my journey with TT.”

Dennis Heenan, Master CTT

“Turbulence Training Transformation Certification is hands down the BEST certification in the world…and it’s not even close. Having a number of certifications, I can tell you that the TT Transformation Certification is on an entirely different level. The monthly content, contacts, interviews, over 150 done for you workouts, and having direct access to the top fat loss leader in the world, Craig Ballantyne, separates this certification from all others. Since becoming TT Transformation Certified five years ago, I’ve been able to open 3 successful bootcamps, run a profitable online fitness business, and travel all around the United States teaching other trainers. It’s been a dream come true. And if I can do it, so can YOU. I failed numerous classes in school, got held back in math my 6th grade year, got told by my guidance counselor I’d never amount to anything, got rejected by every college I applied to, and yet thanks in large part to Turbulence Training I’ve been able to prove everyone wrong and have more success by the age of 28 than most people do their entire career. This is a MUST. I almost didn’t take the Certification five years ago because I was nervous and scared to step out of my comfort zone, but thank goodness I decided to go through with it. I’m now living my dream, and plan on building an empire with the help of Turbulence Training. ”

Daniel Woodrum, Director of CTT

This is the closest you can get to 1-on-1 coaching at such a low price.

Learn LIVE, and in-person, from South Carolina’s top trainer Dani Woodrum on how to take your fitness business to the next level - all in an intimate setting.

If a busy mother like Catherine who had no training experience can do it, so can YOU.

After all, Catherine came all the way from no training experience to opening up her own studio, being featured on ABC, and becoming the 2013 TT Trainer of the Year.

She started from nothing and she’s here today as living proof that you can build a fitness business and become your own Hometown Hero…if you believe in yourself…if you become a value adder…and if you continue to search for the latest cutting-edge information on training and client attraction strategies.

But it all started because of the TT Transformation Certification.

You CAN build the lifestyle of your dreams. You can get your clients results FAST, becoming your local hometown here.

So please, join us at the Turbulence Training Transformation Level 1 Certification and start building the personal training business you’ve always wanted – the one that allows you to live the life of your dreams and help thousands of clients transform their bodies and their lives. Here’s the start of your Hometown Hero Journey.

Become TT Transformation Certified



Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS - This is the closest you can get to 1-on-1 coaching at such a low price.

Learn LIVE, and in-person, from the industry's best (Bedros Keuilian, Todd Durkin, Dan Ritchie and me) on how to take your fitness business to the next level - all in an intimate setting.

PPS - If a busy mother like Catherine who had no training experience can do it, so can YOU.

After all, Catherine came all the way from no training experience to opening up her own studio, being featured on ABC, and becoming the 2013 TT Trainer of the Year.

She started from nothing and she’s here today as living proof that you can build a fitness business and become your own Hometown Hero…if you believe in yourself…if you become a value adder…and if you continue to search for the latest cutting-edge information on training and client attraction strategies.

But it all started because she attended the TT Summit.

You CAN build the lifestyle of your dreams.

So please, join us at the Turbulence Training Summit and start building the personal training business you’ve always wanted – the one that allows you to live the life of your dreams and help thousands of clients transform their bodies and their lives. Here’s the start of your Hometown Hero Journey.

I'm Ready to Claim My Seat at TT Level 1 Certification August 29th, 2015
at the LOW Registration Fee Of ONLY $397


We look forward to seeing you in this picture next year. You are about to embark on an incredible journey of health, wealth, and being your hometown hero.

I'm Ready to Claim My Seat at TT Level 1 Certification August 29th, 2015 at the LOW Registration Fee Of ONLY $397


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