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Dear Elite Personal Trainer,

The year is 2016, we've just certified our 5000th Turbulence Training Trainer and celebrated with the biggest ever TT Certification Summit in San Diego. Over 500 TT Certified Trainers attended this life-changing event with old friends and making new ones amongst the positive personal trainers in the crowd from all over the world.

It was an amazing experience, considering a large number of our Certified Trainers were once Turbulence Training clients themselves. After making dramatic body transformations, these men and women went on to become TT Certified and now help anywhere from 20-250 clients each month. They help more people, make more money, and do it all thanks to the most Advanced Fat Loss and Client Attraction Certification in the world - Turbulence Training.

For our veteran trainers, it was like a family reunion, seeing friends they made all the way back in 2011 at the very first, small yet legendary Turbulence Training Summit. Since then the TT Certification program has grown exponentially and now reaches over 5000 trainers in 117 countries, speaking 93 different languages (who knew there were that many!).

Celebrating the Turbulence Training Mission All Over the World

At the TT Certification Summit, we gave out awards to top trainers, most inspirational trainers, best TT programs created by trainers, and we also recognized the winners of our 25th TT Transformation Contest. Over two-dozen past contest winners joined us on stage as a testament to the power of Turbulence Training and the community that surrounds it.

Our global TT Certification organization is run by a small core group of 7 support staff, with a home base in Denver at our Early To Rise offices. Our Director of CTT is there, and we also have one regional support staff member in Canada, South America, Europe, Australia (where TT is extremely popular!), and even in the Middle East.

Out TT Certification team oversees the daily activities and client attraction strategies taken by TT Trainers everyday. We deliver the Done-For-You marketing materials, help you close more clients, and deliver the most effective fat loss workouts in the world for you to implement with your clients. By having this structure in place, we deliver more freedom and results to you and each one of our Certified Turbulence Trainers.

Outside of our home base, we have Master-Level Certified Turbulence Trainers who mentor new TT Certified Trainers on how to get their personal training businesses on the fast track to success. These Master CTT’s also teach monthly live certification seminars around the world and are a key component to the rapid growth of our organization.

Creating the Turbulence Training Certified Fitness Facilities

We also have 25 official TT Certified Gyms across North America, Australia, and Europe where every trainer is TT Certified.

But mostly the TT Certified Family is composed of individual trainers operating independently in their own studios, running their own bootcamps, or even working in large corporate gyms – dramatically changing the lives of clients no matter what environment surrounds them.

The 10 Million Mission – Getting Closer Every Day

Everyday we work together towards our main mission of helping 10 million men and women transform their bodies and their lives. This happens through helping TT Certified Trainers create the best TT bootcamps, semi-private training, and personal training sessions, plus through the three Turbulence Training Transformation Contests that we run each year online and offline.

2016 marks the celebration of our 25th TT Transformation Contest. We’ve had men and women lose up to 53 pounds in just 12 weeks. Our winners have come from all over the world, and as mentioned, many go on to not just attend the TT Summit, but to get TT Certified, join our mission, and begin changing lives and transforming bodies with their own personal training business.

Each month we continue to deliver more workouts, videos, and personal trainer resources to our TT Trainers. They are given Done-For-You client attraction tools and the exact words to say in order to turn a prospect into a paying customer.

We take all the guesswork and disliked tasks out of your life. Our Turbulence Training Certification System enables our trainers and their clients to achieve faster results, and a happier and healthier lifestyle. We show them how to change their lives, and the health of their families as well. That’s what our 10 Million Transformation Mission is all about.

In addition to our main mission focused on the end user, we also have a mission for our trainers, aiming to give them a foolproof system to get on track to having 6-figure business in less than 6 months. Our success rate is over 77%, and the rest reach that goal 3-6 months later. For our TT Trainers most interested in building their businesses, we offer Mastermind Coaching programs led by me, Craig Ballantyne, the creator of the Turbulence Training program.

From Humble Beginnings to...Changing the World

Since launching the TT Certification in February 2011, TT clients have lost a combined 3,000,000 pounds of body fat, with our top fat loss success story dropping 125 pounds in just 12 months. He has since gone on to become TT Certified and has been on national television 5 times, including once on Oprah’s new network.

But that’s still not why Turbulence Training is famous. Instead, we are known for being the fitness and fat loss certification that goes the extra mile for our trainers. Every move we make, every step we take, our trainers know that we are acting in their best interests, to get their clients more results, to improve their systems, make their business run automatically, and help them live the life of their dreams – all while inspiring others to dramatically improve their health and fitness.

Done-For-YOU Client Attraction Allows You to Focus on Training

Turbulence Training Certified Trainers enjoy the most financial freedom and security of any certified fitness professional. They are constantly being given new training material and done-for-you Client Attraction advice each month through the TT Educational Newsletters. With the done-for-YOU materials, you’ll be able to focus on what you love doing – helping people transform their bodies and their lives.

Once per year all TT Trainers are invited to attend the Turbulence Training meeting in San Diego where we teach hands-on training tips and marketing seminars. World-class experts are flown in as our guests to share the best training strategies that set TT Trainers apart from all of the other generic, low-value certification programs that flood the fitness market today.

After all, we understand the initial investment and intimidation to getting started as a Certified Personal Trainer, and that’s why we created the most trainer-friendly formula to eliminate stress and financial insecurity while giving you the fastest results and success in the fitness industry.

Your Success is OUR Success

Our client's succeed by getting on track for a $100K/year income within 12 months of completing their TT Certification. Our results are unmatched in the fitness certification world, where almost all certifications simply provide generic skills and neglect to commit even a single page to the topic of client attraction and retention.

Turbulence Training Certified Trainers are featured in over 50 regional newspaper stories every month, and over 12 national stories annually, all because of the results of our TT trainers and the results of their personal training clients.

Look at What We Can Accomplish as a Team

Initiatives such as the "Turbulence Training Transformation Contests”, the “TT Trainer of the Year Contest”, and the annual Turbulence Training Event meet-up garner national TV exposure each year, and 10 of our TT Trainers have been featured on the covers of major magazines this year. Two TT Trainers even have their own shows on cable networks that chronicle the before and after transformations of their clients.

But Turbulence Training is as much about what we don't do as it is about what we can do. We do not accept trainers who are just out to make a buck, or trainers who are not committed to science-based innovation, or anyone who gives up. Every Turbulence Trainer is committed to the Turbulence Training Core Values, and wears their TT Core Values t-shirt with pride.

Turbulence Training Trainers come in through a variety of ways, including direct mail, paid advertising, franchise shows, free media exposure, and most importantly, word of mouth. New prospects see how successful our current Turbulence Trainers are, and they want to join the Turbulence Training mission. They want to change lives. Our mission attracts the best candidates – people who want to improve their own lives and the lives of others.

However…The TT Certification is NOT for Everyone

If applicants are not ready or appropriate, we thank them for their time and wish them the best...but we only accept clients who are a perfect fit for our business and vision.

The 3 most important things we offer our TT Certified Trainers are:

1) Piece of mind that they are not alone, and in fact are part of one of the largest fitness families in the world.

2) Done-for-you Client Attraction systems and elimination of technological headaches.

3) The assurance of a world-class support system and opportunity to help more people and build a bigger business than they could ever make on their own.

Turbulence Training Support Staff members take pride in their work and in our 2020 vision of helping over 10 million men and women transform their bodies and their lives.

We share our vision with our team. We don't waste people's time. We pay our employees above industry norms and offer performance incentives.

Turbulence Training is the pinnacle of the fitness industry. It's often been said that it's as if we identified everything negative about personal trainer certifications and organizations and we tossed it out the door and started a new kind of fitness and fat loss certification. That's because we did, because we knew it was the only way to make Turbulence Training the dominating force in the fitness industry today.

By the end of this year we'll have celebrated our 500,000th Turbulence Training Transformation Client. And we're going to crush our goal of 10 million transformations before 2020.

To our success,


Craig Ballantyne, CTT

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